Why Meracus ?

Perfect balance between TRENDS & BRAND.

The New Dynamic Duo that Inspires

Meracus Cera is leading Exporter Company, For Wall, Floor, Vitrified Tiles & Sanitaryware.

As people experience a growing desire to reconnect with nature, simplicity and soothing elements are gaining traction as the king of interior design trends. This phenomenon coincides with Scene. Composed of four shades of grey named after various natural creations, Scene could be the best answer for you who enjoy tranquility, plus a heightened sense of clarity at home.

Our Corevalue

Perfect balance between TRENDS & BRAND.

Our Mission

We spend a lot of time thinking and exploring our clients needs to be ready for creating outstanding and useful designs.

Our Vision

We aim to develop strong business relations with the traders all across the globe and be among the top exporters of the country.

Our Strategy

We provide outstanding support for all our themes and templates, so don’t hesitate, drop us an email and we’ll respond in 24 hours.

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