100% recycling of industrial water

Meracus has a closed-loop system for process water, which is treated and reused in the same production process: as a result, the company does not discharge water into the environment.

100% eco-friendly products made with natural raw materials

We choose only natural raw materials (clay, quartz, feldspar, kaolin and natural dyes from ISO 9001-certified quarries): the absence of harmful substances such as lead and cadmium reduces the risk of any adverse affects on the health of those who work in our plants or live in spaces where our products are installed. Indeed, porcelain stoneware does not emit any toxic substances (VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds) into the environment and, in the event of fire, it does not emit gas or toxic fumes into the atmosphere, also because the tile mix contains no plastic.

100% recycling of raw ceramic waste

All unfired waste products are re-introduced into the production process.

100% potential recycling of packaging

The materials used for the packaging of our products are made of fully recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, wood and plastic).Shipping pallets are also in compliance with standard ISPM-15 FAO.

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